Feedbacks for G&P CAMPUS

Hotel Manager / Hotel Gartnerkofel Austria on trainings with Thomas Böge

«We had a very successful leadership and FISH! training for our managers, employees as well as for me, the manager of the hotel, with Mr Thomas Böge. It was very interesting, well conducted by Mr Böge and already after one week we noticed the positive change here in the hotel. All managers, employees and even me as hotel manager were led through the training session in a very professional and motivated way by Mr Böge. We can recommend Mr Böge very highly and we look forward to a continued great cooperation.»


Trainer Timo Albiez / Swiss Hotel Business School Lucerne on the training philosophy of G&P

«As trainer for G&P you experience a high level of respect – be it from the participants, the organisers or the management of the company. You feel that the company is not just going through the motions but that they appreciate the training as a major contribution to the success of the company.»


Hotel Manager / G&P on the training with Thomas Böge during the Kick-Off 2016

«Thomas Böge is a remarkable personality, an example for me, and someone who executes his task as trainer in an exceptional way.»